The QuScale REACT-EU project has started!


4 Dutch companies collaborate in developing new type of interconnections to make photonic quantum computing scalable.

The 2-year project is funded by the Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe (REACT-EU) program.

Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that will impact largely many sectors in the future, such as pharma, logistics and automotive. Amongst various approaches to quantum computing, photonics is one that has great potential due to its various advantages such as operation at room temperature and low decoherence. Quantum photonic processors are the core component of photonic quantum computers.

One important technological hurdle needs to be taken, i.e., the technology to connect electronically large and complex photonic processors to its surrounding control system.The current electrical connection technique limits the size of the quantum photonic processor by consuming a large amount of real estate on the chip. To make photonic quantum processors scalable a new approach is needed.

The funded project QuScale aims at developing a novel technique for electrical connections of quantum photonic processors to its surrounding control system. This technique will allow easy connection of thousands of electrical contacts to the quantum photonic processor that will, in return, become more reliable and efficient. The project, led by QuiX Quantum, brings together high-tech experts like PHIX, BHC and Lionix International in co-developing a scalable approach for interconnection and packaging of chips exploring the boundaries of photonic integrated circuits.

The development of a scalable electrical connection technique for photonic integrate circuits has a large impact on the integrated photonics community in Overijssel and Gelderland. The integrated photonics ecosystem has been denoted by the Dutch government as one of the spearheads of the Dutch high-tech economy. The success for Gelderland and Overijssel also makes the Dutch integrated photonics ecosystem more robust, providing more specialized manufacturing capabilities.

About QuiX Quantum: We are the global market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware. QuiX’ products distinguish themselves from the competition not just due to their excellent specifications, but also due to their commercial maturity: they are plug-and-play, and compatible with many other pieces of quantum photonic hardware including all photon sources and detectors currently on the market. Thanks to its mature and versatile underlying technology based on silicon nitride waveguides, QuiX Quantum develops and sells the most powerful quantum photonic processors that one can find on the market. Currently active in the Dutch, French, German, British, and Hungarian quantum ecosystems.  


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