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We offer NISQ photonic quantum computers, programmable photonic processors, and custom PICs for photonic quantum technologies.

Quantum Photonic Processor 

A quantum photonic processor is a low-loss, multimode, reconfigurable interferometer. Our processor allows the user to perform arbitrary, controlled interference between a number of optical channels, in the quantum or classical domain. QuiX Quantum's processors are industry-leading in the number of optical channels, low loss, and high transformation fidelity.

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Photonic Quantum Computer 

Our photonic quantum computer integrates all the components required to solve problems at the speed of light that even the latest supercomputers are incapable of solving. Our quantum photonic processor is at the core of this computer.

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Customized Products

Quix Quantum has substantial expertise on high-end photonic quantum technology solutions. We offer customized products in the form of bespoke integrated photonic circuits for your quantum technology needs.

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