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About Quix Quantum

Our Company

QuiX Quantum is Europe's leading photonic quantum technology company, with offices in Enschede (NL), Amsterdam (NL), Ulm (DE) and Stuttgart (DE). The company was founded in January 2019 by Dr. Hans van den Vlekkert, a veteran of the photonics industry and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Jelmer Renema, an expert in quantum photonics, and a team of professors from the University of Twente.

Since then, the company has raised two rounds of funding: a pre-seed round with RAPH2Invest in 2019, and a seed round in July 2020 with and Oost NL. The company constist of a team of quantum-photonics engineers, some with a background in integrated photonics and some in quantum technologies. We are proud to have met all of our milestones: in december 2020, we brought to market a record-breaking photonic quantum processor, and we sold our first quantum processors in 2021.

Our company headquarters is on the campus of the University of Twente, at the heart of the Twente photonics ecosystem, where it is close to key partners such as Lionix International and PHIX. We believe in quantum as an ecosystem and work together closely with our technology partners and customers to continuously improve our products.

We are a fabless, horizontally integrated company, focussing on quantum computing using integrated photonics. However, we are always on the lookout for other applications of integrated photonics for quantum technologies.

Today, QuiX Quantum’s goal is the continued disruption of quantum computing with our high-tech, scalable, future-proof, plug-and-play integrated photonic solutions.

Meet the Team

Dr. Stefan Hengesbach
Kathy Willing
Dr. Devin Smith
Dr. Jelmer Renema
Chief Scientist
Andrew Wallace
Dr. Caterina Taballione
Commercial & Partnership Lead
Pim Venderbosch
Software Lead
Dr. Dessislava Nikolova
Hardware R&D Lead
Lars Hohmuth
Project Leader Universal Photonic Quantum Computer
Dr. Michiel de Goede
Quantum Hardware Engineer
Dr. Henk Snijders
Quantum Computing Architect
Ben Kassenberg
Quantum Hardware Engineer
Narasimhan Kannan
Quantum Computing Architect
Nikhil Sen
Quantum Hardware Engineer
Dr. Pavel Stremoukhov
Quantum Hardware Engineer
Peter Eoin Forde
Photonic Integrated Circuit Designer
Dr. Hamidu Mbonde
Quantum Photonics Engineer
Alexander Matthee
Andrew Roos
Information Security Officer
Emlyn Stephens
Quantum Computing Architect
Ward Vleeshouwers
Quantum Computing Architect
Anastasiia Lukianenko
Software Engineer
Andrea Skolik
Quantum Computing Architect
Roselina Azizah
Marketing Manager
Thomas van Els
Senior Business Developer
Rolf Evenblij
Strategic Cooperations Manager
Marcella Kolner
Finance & HR Officer
Karlijn Borrink
Office Manager


Research Software Engineer

Ulm, Germany
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Photonics Engineer

Ulm, Germany
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Control Systems Developer

Ulm, Germany
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Junior Developer

Ulm, Germany
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Head of Quantum Architecture

Enschede / Netherlands
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Our Investors

QuiX Quantum is the market leader in quantum photonics, with increasing customer traction. We are the hardware leader in one of the most succesful quantum technology platforms, namely photonics.

If you are interested in investing in Quix Quantum, please reach out to us using the form below.

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