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QuiX Quantum is the European market leader in photonic quantum computing

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Building Europe's Quantum Computer

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We offer photonic quantum computing solutions that will impact all industries. At the heart of these solutions is our market-leading quantum computing technology. Our team of quantum photonic engineers delivers both standardized and customized solutions for your quantum technology needs.

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Photonic quantum computing

A QuiX Quantum photonic quantum computer uses particles of light (photons) as information carriers. It manipulates their quantum properties to encode computational problems for end users. The advantages of photonics as a quantum computing technology are: room-temperature operation, scalability, and a high degree of technology maturity due to the technology overlap with existing classical photonics applications.

Our photonic quantum computer consists of 3 parts: sources, which generate the input quantum light; the Quantum Photonic Processor, which manipulates quantum light and where the computation takes place; and the detectors, which read out the result of this computation.

QuiX Quantum is building Europe’s quantum computer. The core technology is based on our commercially available, award-winning, and market-leading photonics technology.

This is used in our Quantum Photonic Processors, positioning QuiX Quantum to lead the field with its unique combination of lowest losses and largest scalability.

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