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Igniting a Quantum Revolution

Here at QuiX Quantum, we will solve problems beyond the reach of current computing techonologies with our scalable, plug-and-play quantum computing solutions. Our quantum photonic processors are the most powerful in the world, and are a market-validated platform of choice for quantum developers worldwide.

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We offer a turnkey NISQ photonic quantum computing solution. At the heart of this computer is our market-leading, plug-and-play, reconfigurable quantum photonic processor. This processor is also available as a separate product. Furthermore, our team of quantum photonic engineers delivers custom PICs for your quantum technology needs.

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Photonic quantum computing

A QuiX Quantum photonic quantum computer uses particles of light (photons) as information carriers. It manipulates their quantum properties to encode computational problems for end users. The advantages of photonics as a quantum computing technology are: room-temperature operation, scalability, and a high degree of technology maturity due to the technology overlap with existing classical photonics applications.

Our photonic quantum computer consists of 3 parts: sources, which generate the input quantum light; the quantum photonic processor, which manipulates quantum light and where the computation takes place; and the detectors, which read out the result of this computation.

QuiX Quantum constructs the world's most powerful quantum photonic processors. The two key figures of merit for a quantum photonic processor are the degree of optical loss in the processor and the number of optical modes, knonw as qumodes. In December 2020, QuiX Quantum set the world record for the lowest-loss (2.5 dB), largest (12 qumodes) photonic quantum processor. This processor is delivered as a fully assembled, packaged and characterized, plug-and-play solution for photonic quantum interference.
Our processors are realized in integrated photonics, namely silicon nitride waveguides realized in the TriPleX technology platform. This platform has the lowest propagation losses reported for silicon nitride waveguides (0.1 dB/cm) and excellent fiber-to-chip coupling.

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University of Twente

Quix Quantum is an inspiring example of a company that builds on powerful photonics technology developed at UT’s NanoLab through the years. But there’s more to it: the company recognizes the opportunities of using the technology in totally other fields than anyone could have imagined. It is this type of creative thinking that allows them to take decisive steps in a fully new approach towards a future with quantum computing. A future that we can’t even imagine yet, but that will be opened up to us by this new generation of entrepreneurs.

Prof. Vinod Subramaniam,
President, University of Twente

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