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QuiX and PHIX started a collabo-ration in the project Qmode to overcome the packaging challenges of connecting large-scale quantum photonic processors to the outside world.

21 April 2021 – The Dutch companies QuiX and PHIX started a collaboration in the project Qmode to overcome the packaging challenges of connecting large-scale quantum photonic processors to the outside world.


The Qmode project is funded with an MIT-R&D collaboration project grant from the Province Overijssel, dedicated to stimulate the innovation and development of products, processes and services of local SME's working in the Dutch Top Sectors. The collaboration established in Qmode will help QuiX secure a leading position in the market for photonic quantum computing, while PHIX expands its expertise and services in the packaging andassembly of large photonic chips. The Qmode project reinforces the centrality of the Province Overijssel in the Dutch photonics landscape by recognizing and supporting the development of the innovative technologies developed by QuiX and PHIX.


Within the Qmode project, QuiX and PHIX work together to connect a large quantumphotonic processor of more than 50 input/output modes to the outside world. This involves more than 100 optical fiber connections, up to 5000 electrical connections, and new challenges in heat dissipation. Consequently, new techniques are required that push the limits of the current state of the art in integrated photonics packaging and assembly.


Large-scale (more than 50 modes) and fully reconfigurable quantum photonic processors are needed to demonstrate a real advantage of photonic quantum computers over classical supercomputers. Photonic quantum computing is attracting increasing attention as an alternative platform to quantum computers using other types of qubits such as, e.g., superconducting qubits. As these photonic processors scale to sizes involving thousands of tunable elements and hundreds of optical modes, new challenges arise in the packaging of these chips to connect them to surrounding components.


About QuiX

QuiX develops quantum photonic processors for quantum information processing and simulation. Using the proprietary TriPleX platform, QuiX provides unique quantum photonic processors that are not only large-scale and fully reconfigurable but also low loss and widely transparent to all suitable quantum light sources. QuiX demonstrated the world's largest quantum photonic processorin a product launch last December, which can be found here.


About PHIX

PHIX Photonics Assembly offers packaging and assembly services for all major photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology platforms, such as indium phosphide, silicon photonics, silicon nitride, and planar lightwave circuit. PHIX is specialized in hybrid integration of chip-to-chip and fiber-to-chip modules and provides a one-stop-shop for optoelectronic module assembly, from design to volume production. From a state-of-the-art facility in Enschede, The Netherlands, PHIX supports the global industrial development of PIC-enabled modules.


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