White Paper

Silicon Nitride Building Blocks

For photonic integrated quantum applications

This paper introduces the silicon nitride (Si3N4) integrated waveguide technology used by QuiX Quantum for integrated optics and describes its advantages with respect to other on-chip photonic platforms. Integrated optics is a technology that miniaturizes free-space optics onto a small chip.  

The first section of this paper explains the silicon nitride integrated waveguide technology and emphasizes the low loss of our platform, which allows a high functional density on a photonic chip. After introducing the technology, we discuss the fundamental photonic building blocks that can be produced in the silicon nitride platform. Using only a small number of fundamental building blocks enables a wide variety of on-chip functionality and complicated photonic integrated circuits, such as the QuiX Quantum photonic processor.

This paper is for readers who want to familiarize themselves with the silicon nitride platform and who want to learn how QuiX Quantum can offer solutions for your quantum applications by using photonic integrated circuits.

After reading this White Paper, you will know:

- an introduction on Integrated photonics using silicon nitride waveguides;

- the different building blocks in silicon nitride;

- what we offer.

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