February 6, 2023

QuiX Quantum wins the renowned Prism Award 2023 in the Quantum Tech category

QuiX Quantum has been awarded the Prism Award, touted as the “Oscars of Photonics”, for their 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor. This recognition is a great accomplishment for the Dutch photonic quantum computing company, as it is another validation of their commercially available, market-leading quantum hardware.

The Prism Awards is an international competition that honors the best new optics and photonics products on the market, held annually by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics with over 20,000 members worldwide. This year SPIE received 76 applications from 19 countries, which were reviewed by 27 judges.


QuiX Quantum was announced Winner for the “Quantum Tech” category at the gala dinner for the Prism Awards Ceremony on the evening of February 1. This event was during the Photonics West conference and exhibition in San Francisco, California where the company also exhibited and presented on the Dutch pavilion. 18,000+ attendees were registered in advance to meet the 1,200+ exhibitors. The following day on February 2, QuiX Quantum was invited to present its outstanding technology and the company history at the Prism Awards Winners' Circle on the exhibition stage of the Photonics West to attendees, exhibitors, and press.


“This is an incredible success for us.”, says Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hengesbach, CEO of QuiX Quantum, “In four years, we went from an idea to delivering award-winning, market-leading hardware for photonic quantum computing. This awarded processor is the core element of our current generation quantum computers, which has already created a huge impact in the quantum ecosystem as an excellent tool to perform fundamental quantum mechanical experiments on chip.”

The Prism Awards go as far back as 2011 and honors companies who bring products to market based on photonic solutions, in this case, in the field of quantum technologies. Past years’ winners in Quantum Tech include ColdQuanta for their Albert: Quantum Emulator Machine in 2022, and Element Six for their DNV-B1TM quantum-grade diamond material in 2021. This substantiates QuiX Quantum’s ability in providing state-of-the-art quantum computing solutions based on photonics with their 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor.


The 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor

This award is for QuiX Quantum’s 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor. It enables plug-and-play, integrated, and reconfigurable hardware configurations. It is easy to deploy and low-cost technology for quantum processing, and industry-leading in the number of optical channels (20), low loss (2.9 dB), and high transformation fidelity (99%). This has allowed for a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL). It is fully calibrated, temperature stable, and turnkey: as an end user, you supply the light and the desired optical transformation, then the processor and its control software will do the rest.


The Dutch Bring Home Tech Award from California

QuiX Quantum receiving this award shows how mature the commercialization of photonics is in the quantum computing industry, especially in the Netherlands. A significant factor that led to this success is due to the high level of technical excellence in photonics in the country, with a strong ecosystem reinforced by PhotonDelta.


“The Dutch can be very proud to have QuiX Quantum being awarded with the prestigious Prism Award 2023: the ‘Oscars’ for companies in the photonics industry.”, says Ewit Roos, CEO of PhotonDelta.

Building a Universal Quantum Computer based on Photonics

QuiX Quantum is currently building the first sold universal quantum computer based on photonics in Europe for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) worth €14 M. The core technology is based on their awarded 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor. Read more about this here.


Photonics leads Quantum,
QuiX Quantum leads Photonics

There are several approaches in building a universal quantum computer, with each one racing to deliver the most useful quantum computer. Photonics is one of them, leading by scalability, without the need of cryogenics. QuiX Quantum is the market leader for quantum computing hardware based on photonics. Their revolutionary solutions push the boundaries of what is possible in quantum computing by exploiting its patented, low loss, integrated photonic platform.

Pictured below: Devin Smith, Stefan Hengesbach, and Jelmer Renema with the Prism Award trophy.