December 22, 2022

QuiX Quantum and Kvantify partner up to develop industry use cases for quantum computing based on photonics

The leading company in Quantum Computing software, Kvantify, and the market leader in quantum computing hardware based on photonics, QuiX Quantum, collaborate in a project to develop software addressing industry use cases for QuiX Quantum's quantum computer based on photonics.

“We are very excited to join forces with QuiX Quantum.”, says CEO of Kvantify, Hans Henrik H. Knudsen, “With our leading software platform and their unique hardware solutions, we believe that we can break new frontiers in quantum computing and show our industry partners quantum solutions to their problems.”

QuiX Quantum, based in the Netherlands, is the market leader in quantum computing hardware based on photonics. They have developed record-breaking integrated quantum photonic processors of 12-mode, 20-mode, and soon 50-mode. These processors are at the core of QuiX Quantum’s current quantum computer, also known as a boson sampler; one of the most promising models for near term quantum computing.

“We are happy to work together with the experts from Kvantify.”, says Senior Project Manager of QuiX Quantum, Jörn Epping, “This is an opportunity to collaboratively identify new and exciting uses cases for our hardware."

Kvantify, based in Denmark, works with leading companies to develop models & software which utilize quantum computing to address & solve their most difficult computational challenges. Quantum computers will be crucial for the future of drug development, financial systems, & logistics. All of which will be explored in the collaboration between Kvantify and QuiX Quantum.