December 14, 2023

QC Design announces launch of quantum fault-tolerance design automation tool, Plaquette+, and first sale to QuiX Quantum

QC Design announces launch of quantum fault-tolerance design automation tool, Plaquette+, and first sale to QuiX Quantum.

QC Design, a quantum computing company providing fault-tolerance software and architectures, has announced the launch of Plaquette+, a fault-tolerance design automation software providing cutting-edge fault-tolerance methods and hardware-tailored error models.

“Designing fault-tolerant quantum computers despite noisy real-world hardware is challenging because it requires powerful simulation tools that are currently only available to teams from big-tech behemoths or massively-funded startups”, says Ish Dhand, CEO and co-founder of QC Design. “Plaquette+ is the first industry-grade fault-tolerance design automation tool available broadly to all quantum computer manufacturers.”

According to Prof. Martin Plenio, co-founder of QC Design, “Plaquette+ enables the design of fault-tolerant quantum computers across all matter and photonic platforms. It is unique in enabling the analysis of arbitrary hardware imperfections in thousands of qubits, a crucial requirement for designing fault-tolerant quantum computers.” By providing access to novel computing paradigms and any error model physically possible, Plaquette+ goes well beyond QC Design’s open-source software offering Plaquette, which provides reliable design simulations for community use.

Plaquette+ is focused on enabling hardware manufacturers to seamlessly design logical-qubit demonstrations and fault-tolerance architectures. “The Plaquette+ photonics offering helps us design fault-tolerant architectures that are tailored for our hardware platform. And it does so at an order of magnitude lower cost as compared to building and maintaining the software in-house.” says Pim Venderbosch, head of software at QuiX Quantum, Europe’s market leader in photonic quantum computing.

Plaquette+ is available via a software license from QC Design. Interested users can visit to learn more or get in touch at for a demo.
About QC Design: QC Design is the world-leader in fault-tolerance design automation tools and architectures. With a dedicated team of over 10 top experts in fault-tolerance, hardware and software, QC Design is enabling quantum computing manufacturers to build reliable and robust quantum computers with lowest hardware requirements.
About QuiX Quantum: QuiX Quantum is the European market leader for quantum computing hardware based on photonics. They are building the first Universal Photonic Quantum Computer in Europe, sold to the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The core technology of their universal quantum computers is award-winning and commercially available. They have 4 offices in Europe and customers worldwide.