May 19, 2021

French quantum industry chooses photonics – QuiX delivers!

QuiX, the Twente-based worldwide market leader in quantum photonic processors, has sold one of its devices to Quandela, the leading French quantum technologies firm. With this purchase, Quandela anticipates the French national quantum technologies program that was recently announced by president Macron, which will include a strong photonics component.

Quantum photonic processors are the central component of photonic quantum computers. Quantum computers are devices that can be used to perform certain computations faster than current supercomputers; they are predicted to revolutionize in machine learning, chemistry and finance. QuiX, a firm based in Enschede, the Netherlands, is the worldwide market leader in quantum photonic processors, having recently demonstrated the most powerful photonic quantum processor in the world.

With this sale, QuiX celebrates its second commercial success in as many months. April saw the announcement of a sale to Qontrol, a British quantum technologies startup. “We are very happy with the commercial success our products are having” says QuiX CTO Jelmer Renema. “If you look at the quantum computing landscape in the Netherlands, photonics is ahead of all the others in terms of commercialization.”

Niccolo Somaschi, CTO of Quandela, says: “The processors from QuiX are market leaders because of their excellent technical characteristics, large scale, and ease of use. This processor will form an indispensable component in the quantum computer we will build in 2022. By selecting Quix, Quandela will be able to provide a powerful photonic platform for Quantum computing to the French Quantum Technology initiative”.  

Renema adds: “Across the world, national research programs are starting up as countries realize the potential of quantum technologies. With the purchase of this processor, we are pleased to say France has committed to photonic quantum computing, one of the leading platforms worldwide. We wish them success in the race to build a large-scale quantum computer and look forward to supporting their efforts”