December 11, 2020

Bits&Chips article and interview with CTO Jelmer Renema

With the release of a new generation quantum photonic processor, startup Quix wants to show the world that it has the superior technology to succeed in this emerging field.

Enschede-based Quix has announced the release of a 12×12 quantum photonic processor, the most complex of its kind the world has ever seen. The upgrade from the 8×8 version the startup started out with still won’t beat classical (super) computers by a long shot, but Quix nonetheless expects to sell a number of them. “Researchers are eager to get a taste of what this technology can do. At this stage, the interest comes from academia, but it’s growing in industry too. Every self-respecting multinational is currently exploring the possibilities of quantum computing,” says Quix CTO Jelmer Renema.

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