(Tech) Talent Acquisition Specialist

The Netherlands

QuiX Quantum is a global leader in photonic quantum computing. We are a deep-tech start-up with offices in Enschede and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Ulm and Stuttgart, Germany. Since our inception in 2019, we have delivered two world record-breaking quantum processors and won a €14M contract to deliver a universal quantum computer for the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). We are rapidly growing and are now looking for a dynamic (Tech) Talent Acquisition Specialist to help us expand even further.

Your Role:

As a (Tech) Talent Acquisition Specialist, you will be a crucial member of the QuiX Quantum HR team, reporting to the HR Lead and indirectly to the CFO/CEO. Your mission is to build a talent pipeline that supports our quest to become a market leader in the research, development, industrialization, and production of universal quantum computers. You will work closely with both internal and external partners and play a hands-on role in introducing dedicated recruitment efforts.

Recruiters in quantum tech companies need to be highly adaptable, have a passion for the field, and be skilled in both traditional and innovative recruitment methods. They should have a strong technical background or the ability to quickly grasp the complexities of quantum technology to identify and attract the best talent for the company's success.

Your Responsibilities:

•          Talent Acquisition Strategy:

Develop and execute a strategic plan for talent acquisition, aligning it with the company's growth and technology objectives.

•          Understanding Quantum Technology:

Gain a deep understanding of quantum technology, its applications, and the specific skills and expertise required for various roles in the quantum field.

•          Job Requirement Analysis:

Collaborate with hiring managers and technical experts to define clear job requirements and create comprehensive job descriptions.

•          Sourcing and Outreach:

Actively source and engage with potential candidates through various channels, including job boards, social networks, industry events, and universities thus connecting to relevant Post Docs and Phd’s in the quantum domain.

•          Candidate Screening:

Evaluate resumes and applications, conduct initial interviews, and assess candidates for their technical competence and cultural fit within the quantum tech company.

•          Candidate Assessment:

Administer technical assessments and tests to gauge candidates' quantum-related knowledge and skills.

•          Maintaining a Talent Pipeline:

Develop and maintain a pool of qualified candidates for current and future quantum tech roles, including building relationships with universities, research institutes, and industry professionals.

•          Employer Branding:

Work closely with the marketing team to enhance the company's online presence and reputation as an attractive employer in the quantum tech space.

•          Interview Coordination:

Coordinate and schedule interviews with hiring managers and team members, ensuring a seamless interview process.

•          Agencies

Evaluate, negotiate, and manage contracts with executive search agencies and minimize fees by building a sustainable recruitment function internally.

•          Data and Reporting:

Use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to manage candidate data and generate reports on recruitment metrics, such as time-to-fill, source of hire, and cost-per-hire.

•          Market Research:

Stay updated on the latest trends in quantum technology, the quantum job market, and the competitive landscape.

•          Collaboration:

Work closely with the hiring managers and other departments to align recruitment efforts with broader organizational goals and objectives.

•          Networking:

Build and maintain relationships with quantum industry experts, academic institutions, research institutes and professional networks to stay informed about potential talent sources.

•          Compliance:

Ensure that all recruitment processes comply with legal and regulatory requirements and the Information and Security policies within QuiX Quantum.

•          Continuous Improvement:

Continuously evaluate and refine the recruitment process to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

•          Diversity and inclusion

Promote diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Your Qualifications:

•          5-10 years of tech-recruitment experience.

•          Proven expertise in setting up new recruitment processes.

•          Understanding of technology profiles, particularly in R&D and Manufacturing.

•          A track record in small to mid-sized companies.

•          Has relationships with Professors in Technical Universities around the world and has experience sourcing candidates from these pipelines.

•          Experience in a matrixed and diverse work environment.

•          Passion for recruitment and social media savvy.

•          Proficiency in English; German language skills are advantageous.

•          Willingness to travel between company locations.

•          An impeccable reputation for trustworthiness.


Your Competencies:

•          Balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders.

•          Building trust through honesty, integrity, and sincerity.

•          Exceptional organizational and detail-oriented skills.

•          Efficiently managing tasks in uncertain, rapidly evolving environments.

•          Collaborative and action-oriented mindset.

•          Creative thinking and a proactive work style.

What To Expect From Us:

At QuiX Quantum, you'll have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on the future of our company. We're at the forefront of groundbreaking technology, and our team is both innovative and diverse, representing over 13 nationalities. We encourage language acquisition, particularly Dutch and German.

Employment Conditions:

This full-time position offers competitive compensation based on experience. We provide numerous educational opportunities, generous vacation days, a fully paid pension, and attractive startup compensation. Equity plan participation becomes available after one year of service. We encourage working from our Enschede office for several days a week.

If you're as excited as we are about advancing the quantum future and being part of the journey to develop the world's best quantum computer, join us! For more information and to apply, please contact

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